Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oye, Tonto!

My mom spent every summer growing up at the Tonto Natural Bridge in Pine, AZ. My grandparents used to own it, and they boarded guests every summer. My mom and her five siblings used to help run the place. Lots of work--cooking, washing clothes and all the linens, cooking, cleaning, cooking, entertaining, cooking, etc. for many houseguests every day would be exhausting. This is the hearty stock I come from. No wonder Marc makes fun of me for bellowing at him for not finding the closest parking spot because I'll have to walk farther. (like 10 feet). I suppose I could buck up a little.

Now the State of Arizona/Parks and Recreation runs it, and it was fun to go back and hike under the bridge like we used to do as kids every summer. Miraculously, out of about 80 relatives, nobody managed to break a limb, and mountain goats Caroline and Jackson loved the challenge and ditched us quick.

Tonto was the Lone Ranger's horse. Interestingly, "tonto" also means "stupid idiot" in Spanish.


Karie said...

I just love the way you can describe places, people, and emotions! It makes me feel like I was there too!