Monday, January 25, 2010

"The Worst Natural Disaster in the Western Hemisphere..."

Headlines like these and their accompanying images of hopelessness and misery in Haiti continue to be stupefyingly tragic.

Just one thought of my Jackson or Caroline or Ellison or Charlotte wandering the streets hungry, thirsty, crying, bleeding, freaked-out, or lonely sends me into an
insomniatic tailspin. I'm a haggard wreck.

At 2:00am I am wondering what desperate Haitian voodoo prayers are being uttered.
(98% of Haitians practice some form of voodoo...very interesting...I'm Wikipedia-ing it right now).
At 2:30am I wonder why basic supplies of food, water, medicine, aren't reaching the general population.
I silently obsess over the logistical nightmares.

When my kids are thirsty, I get them water. Almost immediately.
When they are hungry, they get food. Always.

While I believe that God's Plan of Salvation does not exempt
mankind from natural and physical laws and truths, it doesn't
make the idea of intense human suffering any more palatable.

Conversely, the compassion and charity shown by our fellowmen from
around the world to this beat-down country has been
miraculous and inspiring.

My friend Lonni has some interesting insights on Haiti, as
she spent some time there investigating some "death scams" when she worked for CBS.
Read her story and see some unbelieveable photos HERE.
This image below is particularly haunting.

(photo courtesy of Lonni's blog, taken in 1998)

Caroline and her pals Brooklyn and O'Reilly hosted a bake sale--$13.40 raised.$13.40 donated.

A few days later, humanitarian hygiene kits were assembled in our garage. Neighbors and friends flocked over to help assemble them and donated many of the items. The Dollar Store carries every item for these hygiene kits (soap, hand towels, toothbrushes, combs, toothpaste). I can't imagine what it would be like to not have access to a toothbrush or comb for weeks.
[My kids can].

Click here for information on making humanitarian hygiene kits.

Monday, January 18, 2010

your basic antics

We were given a rental minivan while our car was in the shop for some bodywork (not my fault this time). When I was body wrestling Charlotte into her carseat, which I'm too old for, by the way, she was hollering that she didn't want a minivan.
Come to find out she wanted a mickeyvan.

Oh, and I also appreciated this one, courtesy of McPracticality:
"Kids! Get outside and entertain yourselves! Why do you think we had four kids?"
good one, babe.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

::a touching sand dunes vignette::

[to this my sister Susan would retort defiantly:
"Oh, it's been broughten!"]