Thursday, October 27, 2011

you know you want one

My girls' lifelong dreams of becoming mermaids have officially been realized!! 

That, and some genius little grandma feverishly whipping these up on her sewing machine in Idaho is gonna be rich!

Even cousin Bridgette got in on the Mermaid Fever, as the girls pretended to "swim" around all day.

 More like little slugs slugging around on the filthy floor.

Helps with the girls' butterfly kick too!
(Because that's all they can manage in these constricting getups).

And don't even try to run...running with your knees glued together hasn't played out so well for the girls.

We can't seem to get enough of these.

What the darn are we supposed to do when it's 95 degrees in AZ at the end of October?

Impersonate mermaids, that's what.

I will be getting one for myself.

{not kidding}.

For my own dreams of mermadia.

You know you want one.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

fall break 2011

Marc and I walked into our house tonight (at 11:19pm Texas time), looked at eachother, and muttered: "We pulled it off." 

Then we did that fist-bump thing.

Now we are going to bed.

I will state that our trip with all four kids involved the following:

1700 miles (one way) in a rented mini-van across three states,

Five different hotel rooms, (only one gross enough to necessitate the wearing of Hartz 2-In-1 Flea and Tick Collars to bed),

and a fabulous time in the Lone Star State.