Thursday, October 27, 2011

you know you want one

My girls' lifelong dreams of becoming mermaids have officially been realized!! 

That, and some genius little grandma feverishly whipping these up on her sewing machine in Idaho is gonna be rich!

Even cousin Bridgette got in on the Mermaid Fever, as the girls pretended to "swim" around all day.

 More like little slugs slugging around on the filthy floor.

Helps with the girls' butterfly kick too!
(Because that's all they can manage in these constricting getups).

And don't even try to run...running with your knees glued together hasn't played out so well for the girls.

We can't seem to get enough of these.

What the darn are we supposed to do when it's 95 degrees in AZ at the end of October?

Impersonate mermaids, that's what.

I will be getting one for myself.

{not kidding}.

For my own dreams of mermadia.

You know you want one.


Sims Family said...

Are you kidding me? COOLEST THING EVER!

Chelle said...

You have some of the most adorable mermaids I've ever seen. I am so looking forward to the post that highlights YOU sunning next to the pool while sporting your tail.

Delia said...

Those are awesome! Are they just swim lycra material? Genius.

karen said...


Yes. They are swim lycra--some better quality than others. The glitter scales on the thinner material ones are coming off a little bit, but my girls are HARD on stuff in the water, wallowing all over the rocks, deck, etc. So I don't know if they'll withstand everything, but we love them nonetheless.

totally genius. I talked to the lady on the phone in Idaho and she can't keep up with her orders--I think these will explode in unique and fun.

LCFrohm said...

plus size mermaid MY BUTT (no literally, my butt would be the plus size mermaid!)
you are crazy woman!
although tell your mom to make one for me too. it's my life long dream as well!

Becky said...

That looks so weird for you guys to be out by the pool and SWiMMING, even! I love those mermaid outfits but it's really the girls inside them that "make em". So cool and colorful and very artistic photos I might add.

Michelle said...

Love the mermaid outfits. What a great idea and wonderful pictures. My daughter wants one now and I can't wait to get one for her, too cute.

Molly said...

I must get these! Where did you find them?

karen said...

Molly, (my cousin Molly or my friend Molly or another Molly altogether?) in any case, click on the "some little genius grandma" highlighted link and it'll take you to FIN FUN ebay website, which is unfortunately the only plae they are sold right now...on ebay. Looks like she's low on colors on ebay, as well, but you can contact her and tell her (Karen) what you want and she'll tell you which fabrics she has in stock right now.

I love to see little grandmothers strike it rich!

Stacy said...

seriously cool! do you think my boys would want to be mermen?

Ashley said...

We are in moon boots building snow men today! Wish that we needed mermaid costumes right about now. :)

dave.heather said...

Oh! I do want one!! Does this gramma have a website??They are SO fun!