Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ah, The Summer Family Roadtrip.

Playing the Alphabet Game. Singing songs together. The License Plate Game.Family comraderie and bonding. Gleeful anticipation of destination.
Or something akin to this.
{Filmed by bro Gavin}
(Circa 1991 on the way to my bro John's graduation from Stanford. Me: 22 yrs old)

Anticipating a call from my mom any minute now, wherein I will most likely be grounded for time and all eternity for airing our dirty laundry.

I meant to make a couple of disclaimers prior to posting this:
a) We usually had way more fun on our road trips and didn't fight.
b) Megan, Susan really wasn't breathing on you (at least directly).
c) Susan, your breath really did reek mightily.
d) Mom, way to keep your calm and cool. I aspire to more of that.
e) McMember-of-the-Audiovisual-Club-in-Highschool insisted upon interjecting the slow-mo clip just in case you missed the actual slap in real time.

Welp, we're off to San Diego on a roadtrip of our own this week to reunite with
parents, sibs, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Now, if you would all be so kind as to run immediately and without hesitation to your bedside, closet, or closest place of worship and pray a little prayer for our impending 437 hour, I mean 6 hour drive, that would be g.r.a.n.d.
Love you mom!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Many have asked if the recent Iowa flooding was near where we lived last year while Mr. T. was doing his fellowship. I have been obsessed with the photos of our OLD NEIGHBORHOOD right by the University of Iowa in Iowa City that was right by the flooding Iowa River. We really feel like we dodged a bullet by leaving Iowa right before the record-setting bitter cold, tornados, ice storms, blizzards, and now historic flooding devastation. The "Flood of '93" was a mere trickle compared to this year's deluge. Our hearts and wallets go out to those impacted by the floods.

ERGO...Week of incessant TV. Watching rivers crest and levees break like train wreck. Decree was issued: "Make a Business Plan, kids. Execute it". Blank Stares.
"Go Sell Something!" They got it. Proceeds to go to Iowa Flood Relief. Fudgesicles. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate (my personal fave). 113 degrees. Perfect conditions. Slim profit margin. $6.00 in total donated to Humanitarian Aid. Way to contribute, kiddos!