Friday, February 12, 2010

happy ending

Marc hinted that he thought it was slightly unhealthy the way I was obsessed with baby Bronson's story. Actually he outright said it. What I explained to him was that every mother who read this story is deeply impacted by it because we have all taken unnecessary risks with our children and NOT had a tragic outcome. We could somehow relate to this mother, and her subsequent guilt for leaving her children in the bathtub to go get pjs for another child (or whatever we've chosen to do instead).

Miraculously, this ending was a happy, albeit unlikely one. Read here for the follow-up story. Can't find the appropriate words to type that express how relieved I am for this mother.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

rocked to the core

Today I promised myself (again) that I would not be distracted by trivial things. I will try to listen to my kids more and embrace them and trace their faces with my fingertips at night when they are asleep.

Sometimes we get second chances to love and hold our kids. Sometimes we don't. This is Sara's story about second chances. (Sara is a neighbor of my friend Rachelle Szymanski who lives in Provo, UT.)

Seventh Sin (gluttony) on the Sabbath. At least we were watching some "Saints" play...