Friday, May 1, 2009

Temporarily Out of Commission

Since you've all be just dying to know what we have been up to over here, I'll indulge you with a few details:
a) we're moving in two weeks. {yes, we finally bought a house!} Photos forthcoming...
b) Way behind in the packing department.
c) I'm supposed to be training for my 2nd sprint triathlon in Tempe next week.
d) I seem to be plagued with a cough/phlegm issue for the past couple of weeks that has precluded my work out habits. Probably swine flu. Most likely due to global warming.
e) doing triathlon with both my sisters this year.
f) who will likely both kick my rear handily.
g) Here, for example, is a lovely photo of sis Susan at around mile 14. Not even winded.


I do so adore high-speed things involving the cool wind in my face.

On a beautiful cool spring day in the desert.


The road rash I risked getting this shot would not have been worth it.

On a completely unrelated topic, my pal JSchomaker (remember her?) just shot these beauts of my fluffy little easter chicks. Jenny photographs for Kaiya Eve, and the girls got to participate in her photo shoot for the new spring line.

We all know who had lots of fun posing in front of the camera.
[the little fireball with the alabaster skin in the turquoise fluff].

Conversely, Puffy Sue just frolicked around in the sunshine with her puffy hair wisping in the breeze with nary a care in the world. Her tongue hanging out mostly [luckily not in this one].

See ya in our next zip code!