Friday, May 1, 2009

Temporarily Out of Commission

Since you've all be just dying to know what we have been up to over here, I'll indulge you with a few details:
a) we're moving in two weeks. {yes, we finally bought a house!} Photos forthcoming...
b) Way behind in the packing department.
c) I'm supposed to be training for my 2nd sprint triathlon in Tempe next week.
d) I seem to be plagued with a cough/phlegm issue for the past couple of weeks that has precluded my work out habits. Probably swine flu. Most likely due to global warming.
e) doing triathlon with both my sisters this year.
f) who will likely both kick my rear handily.
g) Here, for example, is a lovely photo of sis Susan at around mile 14. Not even winded.


I do so adore high-speed things involving the cool wind in my face.

On a beautiful cool spring day in the desert.


The road rash I risked getting this shot would not have been worth it.

On a completely unrelated topic, my pal JSchomaker (remember her?) just shot these beauts of my fluffy little easter chicks. Jenny photographs for Kaiya Eve, and the girls got to participate in her photo shoot for the new spring line.

We all know who had lots of fun posing in front of the camera.
[the little fireball with the alabaster skin in the turquoise fluff].

Conversely, Puffy Sue just frolicked around in the sunshine with her puffy hair wisping in the breeze with nary a care in the world. Her tongue hanging out mostly [luckily not in this one].

See ya in our next zip code!


Jared and Delia said...

Don't you mean climate change? That made me laugh. Jared is in the College of Natural Resources so that term and excuse gets worn out around here.

You are amazing. I almost decided to sign up for the Wasatch Back with some of my friends and when I told Jared he genuinely laughed - and for good reason since I am NOT doing the Wasatch Back and won't probably ever. I am not a runner/biker...nothing. I think you are awesome for doing something like that.

Your little Ellison is a little model. She poses like she knows what she is doing.

Becky said...

Oh, the joys of girls that apparently I am missing out on, huh? How frilly and beautiful they both are! Really, they are so cute- I need to see more pictures of your baby, she has grown up.

I thought that was you on the first bike picture- you guys look a lot alike,...good luck next week and get better soon so you can win the whole thing! Also, good luck with the packing, ...I wish I could be there and help you move out, but even more fun would be to move IN. Can't wait to see more pictures! Home ownership, here you come,'s TIME!

Kristi Smith said...

oh SO many questions....where are you moving to? chandler? i am SO impressed that you are doing another tri. i need to do one before the ripe ol' age of 40. hee hee. what beautiful girls!! i wanted to get some pics taken by your friend. i was waiting for out tax refund. oh. too late. spent on buying new floors. white carpet does NOT mix well with 4 kids, 2 dogs and 1 house guest.

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

Those pictures! Those getups! Awesome!

Good luck with the phlem and the triathalon and the move. You're a brave woman.

Natalie said...

Come on, you're killing me here! You know how bad I want to do a race?

Good luck girl, I'll be thinking of you.

**I've got my eye on a couple races in the fall. You in?

Ashley Ann said...

Both of the girls look so pretty. Love those bold colors! Can't wait to see pics of your new home...that place is going to be such a good fit for your family. I am so happy for you (and for me when I get to stay with you :)!!) Good luck with the packing...that is next to a tooth extraction on my list of gosh-awful-things-I-hate!

Karie said...

Can't wait for the photos of the new home and looking forward to your marathon this year! you go girl! and I LOVED the pictures.

Becky said...


The Weeden Family said...

Your kids are just so beautiful! Hard to believe I'm related. I don't have your email but take a look at my blog. Baby Emma has arrived and I put pictures up. :-) Love ya!

The Weeden Family said...

I have no idea how to get a hold of you other than leaving messages on your blog. :-P Emma is going to be blessed soon. I want to give you and the family all the info. Email me and I'll send the info over to you so you can give it to the family. :-) Thanks! Love ya!

Ashley Ann said...'re in. I want pics and details NOW!!

Chelle said...

It's nice to hear what's been going on with you, but it leaves me wanting MORE! Good luck with getting settled in your new place and I can't wait to hear about your race. How ambitious of you to be racing and moving at the same time! I hope you're feeling better by now.

Your girls look amazing - no wonder your friend wanted to photograph them.