Thursday, December 6, 2007

So You Think You Can Take Pictures?

And a hearty congratulations goes out to photographer JSchomaker.

She just beat out all other contestants on "SYTYCTMFKATTGTTPFADPWAIVX". ("So You Think You Can Take My Four Kids and Try To Get Them To Pose For a Decent Photo Without an IV Drip of Xanax?")

For some, it's shoes. For others it's jewelry. Tupperware. Handbags. Dishes. Good makeup. Scrapbooking supplies. Kids' Clothing. Pricey haircuts. Whatever. We all have our weaknesses.

For me, it's fine photography.

Which is why I have about three pairs of shoes (you've all seen them and know the ones to which I'm referring), and I buy my jewelry at Claire's. I rationalize that I can always buy the jeans or shoes or end table, but in ten years you can't go BACK and take good photos of childhood.

I love a photograph that really captures the "happy days are here again" attitude of youth, (not that the happy days ever really left for them--HELLO how bad could life have really gotten as an eight year old?).

One day I'll get my own GOOD camera and learn some tricks of the trade, but right now, I'm at the mercy of the pros. I'm so jealous of people who can look through the lens and be creative and capture color and light and beauty just right.

I was scouring the greater metropolitan Phoenix area for a photographer, and I kid you not, I probably googled about 50 photographers before I stumbled upon J's website. Liked it. Emailed her. Set up appointment. Figured I'd have to drive like forever to downtown Phoenix or some other nether-region of the Valley with kids in frilly frocks.

Turns out Jenny lives two streets away from me and is Big Guy's Primary Teacher at church. Trippy. Anyways, I digress. I'm kind of a digressor if you haven't noticed. What can I say? I'm a verbose girl. See?

The point is: Yo, this chick can take pictures.

Are these pettiskirts not the fluffiest, funnest, marshmallowy puffs of chiffon froth that you have ever seen in your lifetime? It's fun to have girls, I must admit. My kids had so much fun at J.'s studio (yep, it's all at her house and even her garage).

The girl has amazing talent and captured my kids' personalities to perfection. She was like "Would you guys like to jump on my couch whilst I take your photo?"

{Dumbfounded, my kids are all slowly climbing onto her couch looking at me waiting for the maternal rebuke which never came}.

Happy days immortalized.


Nic at Nite said...

I can't keep my eyes off of these pictures!- seriously they are great. I want to look at her website. would she mind you posting it or email it to me. Thanks

[BrookeO] said...

Gorgeous! Darling! Ca'ute! Hot dang, I love them all. It does help to have cute kids, but nonetheless I love all of these pics. AND I second your motion told about photography and capturing the true child and personality, all of it, I agree 100%! Having said that, it does stress me out completely!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. You will without doubt put everyone else's Christmas cards to shame this year if you go using pictures like these.

Karie said...

I can totally relate to you! Pictures all the way baby!!! My problem is I can't stop buying nice cameras! HA, ha. I love photography and of course Photoshop! This lady did a fantastic job! I love the pictures!

karen said...

OH yeah, I did forget to mention in my post the bleeding ulcers I get from the time I book the photoshoot till they're over. I keep trying to tell myself "chill out, chick, just go with the flow" but it never works and I'm a stressed out train wreck.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Love em! They are cute, but with your kids how could they not be-I mean wow are they cute kids or what. LOVE the skirts!

Nick, Jen and Spencer said...

Karen, I just can't get enough of these photos. They are so darn cute! Were excited to get there!

Randall Family said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the Christmas card by the way. I love reading your blog. You have such wit and a great way with words.

Jenny Preece Schomaker said...

K I just read this and thanks for all the GREAT comments! I love your insight karen, and think this would be a great article... I may need to talk to you about that :) Thanks again, it was FUN!