Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The "I'm overwhelmed" holiday breakdown came a little early this year. 

Expectations of the morning pulverized.  Kids hadn't practiced the piano before school.  Again.  Scriptures not read over breakfast.  Again.  Lunches not made for kids.  Again.  Gym clothes sidelined.


(For an outfit perhaps better suited for the school Book Fair).

Seven pounds gained. 

A smattering of various other shortcomings magnified.  Forgetting to pick up Ellison at piano lessons was a particular lowlight of the week.  "Mom, are you ever coming to pick me up?" was the exact phraseology.  

I was a puddle of tears sitting on the stepstool in my closet by 8:30am.

The tears were cathartic.  The self-flogging over in five minutes.
[Twenty, tops].   

The thought bubble over my head might have read:  "Maybe I will attempt to sausage myself into Caroline's spandex mermaid tail and go swimming.  Then surely things would look up..."  (?)

Moving on.

Post edit:  After deeming the morning utterly unsalvageable, I mumbled something under my breath in the general theme of "I quit" and went back to bed until noon.   Thankfully there was a Bubble Guppies marathon on for Charlotte. 

I'm back.


Janet said...

You are wonderful. No more self flogging. I'm telling you. I believe you are amazing.

Natalie said...

we all have those days. you can definitely pull through this. heck, i'm sure you've been through worse. heavenly father wants you to get back up and try yet AGAIN. its satan that wants you to sit in your closet and cry and feel like a failure. that's what this life is about....trying to get things right...its so hard to do, thats why we have a lifetime to try.


Stacy said...

This sounds just about any given day at our house :) Just got done wiping up soda spilled by boys all over half the kitchen. Homework still not done, etc. etc. It's shocking that I need diet coke to survive! :) Can't wait to see you at the flick! You have such a way with words!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are simply amazing and I miss you, dear friend!

Becky said...

Oh, only you can write like I am watching you in a movie... you make me laugh, only because I can relate and I really really appreciate your ability to keep it real. You are awesome and so secure that you can post your little tiny break down. Now, buckle up buttercup, put on your work out clothes (that alone will get me there...), get the sleep that I KNOW you are not getting, start your day right with a big protein shake and GET WITH IT! But, I didn't have to say all that, cuz I know you were back on the train right after the "sleep til noon" scene. I love it. thank you very much. And hey, what's with letting the littles read about dog scrotums and alcohol? Is that what's lerking in their books these days? If so, it's back to Little House Series! LOL

The Weeden Family said...

Thank heavens for bubble guppies! You are a wonderful mother! Don't give up. I have often locked myself in the bathroom and cried in frustration and feeling like I just couldn't do it. We get through it! Keep smiling! :-) Something I like to do with the kids when we are all on each others nerves is blast the music and dance!