Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Can't Compete

So my sweet little red headed Ellison has got it all figured out. I love the three year old mind, you can practically hear the wheels turning inside of her head. The past week she's been very adamant in her wants/desires. She knows I'll say no to candy for breakfast, no to not wearing a shirt to preschool, and no to carrying her baby sister down the stairs.

Here's what I imagine her thought process might be like: "Who is the boss of my mom? Who can make my mom say yes to the outrageous things I want to do today? Is is daddy? nope. Grandma and Grandpa? nope."

So Ellison plays the ultimate trump card. That's right. It's Jesus.

Me: "Ellison, you need to put on a shirt so we can go to preschool."

Ellison: "Jesus says I don't have to." or "Jesus says it's OK if I have a popsicle for breakfast." or "Mom, Jesus says that the baby likes it when I poke her eye."

And I can't compete with that.


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Okay-I was completely laughing out loud-gotta love kids!

Karie said...

I just love it when kids try to outsmart their parents. It is sooooo funny!!!!

lawtrix said...

I love this story - and the pictures are perfect.