Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Price We Pay

PRO: Our gracious landlords left their golf cart for us to use.

CON: It's a totally pimped out USC Trojans golf cart with a lift kit and a sound system. (actually we like the sound system a lot, except Jackson makes us turn it off as we approach the school because he's so embarrassed).

PRO: Kids love riding to school or Walgreens or driving thru McDonalds in it.

CON: Marc hates driving it, because, did I mention that it's a USC Trojans golf cart that says "FEAR THIS" on the hood? (Sorry Jill and Scott). One of our favorite days was when our Texas Longhorns beat the Trojans in the Rose Bowl a couple of years ago. Hook 'em horns.

PRO: It is outfitted with seat belts for the kids so they don't fly out.

CON: I look like a freak driving it around with my infant car seat in front by me, and am anticipating the call from CPS any day now.

PRO: The weather is PERFECT for driving the golf cart all through winter. This time last year we were colder than stink in Iowa.

CON: Lest I seem braggadocious, consider this: warm weather in AZ is ideal for insidious bark scorpions. We've already found one right by the baby's room and in the kitchen, and use a black light at night to hunt them down in the yard and kill them before they come in the house.(it's kind of fun). The freaky things glow in the dark.

Nothing spells S-A-F-E-T-Y quite like having an insect two feet from your baby's room whose sting requires an antivenom. No pesticide is really effective against these creepy, ugly, gross little crunchy exoskeleton things, which is why they have survived since prehistoric times practically. It doesn't help that I hear different versions of "too horrific to even imagine" or "urban legend" stories about the parents whose baby was screaming and eventually they found a scorpion in the diaper and had stung the baby like 19 times. Then there is my neighbor, Margo, who was driving to work and was stung on her bubs by one hiding in her bra. No words describe the creeps I feel just thinking about those things. Marc just came in right now and said he found another one in the garage on the wall. I've had one in the shower with me (hiding between the shower curtain folds), and one dropped down through our recessed can light.

Come visit soon!


Becky said...

That is AWESOME!!! Brrrrrr....from chilly Logan. Looking good on the golf cart Marc and kids!

LCFrohm said...

Are you kidding me? Those scorpions are scary! We had one in our garage. But he was running away from the crazy woman with a shoe (ME!).
And the golf cart?? You seriously take it to Walgreens and McDonalds? How crazy is that??? Ya'll are those richy rich doctors.

karen said...

Oh, by the by, I had to post that Jackson JUST found another scorpion in our computer paper stack, right by our computer, smashed to smithereens, like a leaf in a paperweight. What the freak?! I knew we should've moved back to Texas.

Karie said...

Here you were not sure if you wanted to start a blog and you've posted more times this week than I have last month. Way to go!!!

Oh, and the scorpion thing is very creepy!!!

Go Longhorns!