Monday, November 5, 2007

"Nice to Do"

Much to Marc's chagrin, the blog is up and running. Apparently blogging doesn't merit the respect that, say, Fantasy Basketball does. Gosh honest truth is that now he's got competition for our one computer every night. He's patiently waiting to check his scores right now.

Let's face it, blogging probably does not make Julie Beck's "Must Do" category--not even a "Should Do", really. I should be reading my girls bedtime stories right now. But it's been so fun to scrape this thing together thus far. Plus, I knew I had no choice when my BROTHER-in-law Kevin started a blog for his family. I couldn't be left in the dust any longer. It was out of my hands.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! You've started a blog! I've already added you to my links list.

I don't think Chris was that wild about my blog in the beginning, either, although he likes it much better now that we have a password on it. Ha.

It'll be fun to keep up on what's new for you guys.

Also...we'll be in AZ for a week and a half this Christmas...we'll have to be sure to see you guys if you're around!