Sunday, November 18, 2007


As I'm putting laundry away last week, doing my usual inadvertent eavesdropping on the girls' seemingly-mundane-but-usually-entertaining-gabfests, I get a chuckle out of Caroline hurling what she considered to be her worst epithet to her stuffed animals as she's trying to get them to go to "sleep". Frustrated, she mutters:

"Go to bed, you silly democracks!"

Marion Barry, maybe. But Texi the Horse and Uni the Unicorn? Please.

She has subsequently asked me about every member of our immediate and extended families' political affiliation. "Is Great Uncle Reynold Republican or Democrack?" (If you must know, we're a politically well-rounded family--Marc's side Democrack and my side predominantly Republican). My politically astute 1st grader.


lawtrix said...

Speaking as part of Marc's side of the family, I'm just glad it wasn't "Demo-quacks"...

Karie said...

Too funny!!!!