Friday, September 2, 2011

lovely pinetop

I spent many summer days in my youth at my Grandma and Grandpa Hoopes' cabin. 
 How I miss them.
I feel blessed that my children get to spend time here with their beloved grandparents as well.

Charlotte's best dith.guth.ted look

breaking the law

Barreling out of the truck.

dad building a swing

Gavin pretending that he's any help whatsoever.

Ellison testing the swing.  It worked.

It doesn't look like they are having any fun here.

Deven, Anne Marie, and Sis Megan

Sister Sus and baby Noelle

Walking to the clubhouse.  Five times a day.
Ellison did not let baby Noelle out of her sight (or arms).

The last time my dad, Susan and I hiked to the Mogollon Rim (around 1993)  we got utterly lost.  Dad prayed for help to find our way home, as it was getting dark. 

I'll never forget how my dad opened that prayer in 1993:  "Heavenly Father, it looks like we are going to need some help here..."

Shortly thereafter we stumbled upon a house on the reservation and they let us use their phone.

Grandma Hoopes and my mom (who were very worried) picked us up on the Indian reservation near Hondah. 

This time dad brought a compass on our hike.

OH the drama that ensued after this "injury".
My nephew Sam 

My mom and dad overlooking the Mogollon Rim.
You can see the smoky haze from remnants of the devastating Wallow Wildfires, which were only a few miles away. 

The neighbor's dog would come over and get into our food.  She ate an entire flat of strawberries that were in a cooler that was left open, plus a Costco-sized bag of snap peas.  And then went back to the neighbor's house and yakked it all up on someone's bed. 

We didn't see the dog off the leash too much after that.

Sis Megan and nephew Jeffrey

Deven and Raquel engaged in the mysterious plots of Nancy Drew.

An impromptu golf lesson from my dad.
 Who doesn't golf.

Gavin grilled food for all 25 of us almost every night.

SIL Ashley and niece Shelby

Charlotte and Grandpa


Kristi Smith said...

I think it is legal in AZ to ride in the back of a truck. Looks like a fun trip!!

CarolF said...

I think Jackson may look a little like your brother. Very sweet photos.

Ashley said...

:) Love it

grandmarandall said...

Great pics Karen! What a fun time you must have had with all your family there. Thanks for sharing! Love you, A