Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it's a good day when:

1)  It's a good day when you discover a housekeeping twofer.

When transferring towels to the dryer, I found a few plastic dishes in the washing machine amongst some towels that I'd just scooped up off the floor and thrown into the washer. 

The dishes sure were clean [enough]. 

How, I ask you, HOW, have I overlooked the dishes/laundry chore combo?

(And who on earth wouldn't love to come over, plop right down, and have a little snack served on dishes that had just been washed with my kids' chonies?)

2)  It's a good day when you learn how to make a new healthy dessert for the kids on Paula Deen {with that SNL Delta Delta Delta sorority twit}:


Ashley said...

Kids and I died laughing at that video! That was so funny. XO