Friday, August 26, 2011

surely you're kidding

My sister Susan's new nursery.

{With the decorating prowess of Cami Wright.}

Can you even BELIEVE she wallpapered her ceiling?

Pure boldness.

Darling baby girl loves it.

Can you see her little self on her changing pad?
Let's be honest.

This little pixie could give a rip about her nursery.

All she cares about is sitting around looking cute all day long.

 I can't get over this fun graphic wallpaper.

Or this lampshade from Anthro.We found the base at some secondhand store in Phoenix.

Oh, and my sister Sus?

She's a Shel Silverstein aficionada.

This is a mural of Shel Silverstein poems in her landing upstairs.

Sus would like to be a collector of cuckoo clocks.

This is her big girls' room.  Not done yet, but almost!

I adore the blues palette with raspberry accents.

Let's talk about this balloon dog sculpture for a momentito.

I had to talk Sus into it at Home Goods but now she's a fan.

It's already been broken and glued back together.


Sims Family said...

Are you showing the pics of that beautiful nursery because you are announcing something? :)

karen said...

um, that's a negative, Whit.

Sister Susan's nursery.

Sister Susan.

dave.heather said...

Love it!! Wanna come to CA and help me do my house? Please?

The Good Life on Less! said...

super cute!

Ashley said...

Can I have that nursery for MY room please? Oh my goodness, that is the definition of cool. And I love the Shell Silverstien poems on the wall. He has always been a favorite of mine too.

Thanks for those cool pics!

Chelle said...

That baby is the most adorable thing ever. That room is boldness for sure and I love it. Great taste!

Sherri said...

Love the nursery! That little girl looks like your Charlotte. She's adorable!!