Monday, August 15, 2011

midnight craft project #2

We're well aware of my craftification gifts.  

My superhumanly-motivated cousin Delia, (actually my cousin Jared's wife), posted this and I thought it would be a cute gift for a niece or nephew.   Glaring lack of common sense prevailed as I sacrificed precious sleep to paint rocks.

Sister Sus in Yuma: you won't be receiving this "gift".  I am afraid my darling nephew Randall could potentially use these alphabetical missiles as ammunition against you, or Savannah, or your newborn, or that disturbing needs-to-be-deported-ice-cream-truck, or some other poor sap, or your new glass shower door in your recently-remodeled bathroom. 

Just know  that I'm seething mad at you if you ever receive a box from FedEx that sounds like it has rocks in it.

Randall is my favorite lil' guy.  [That's what I call him--Lil' Guy]. 

As in I seriously have a weakness for this kid.

Does this face look like it could do any wrong?  [Rhetorical.]

With chocolate pudding seeping from his clenched fist?

For the sake of fairness, it was MY idea for the cousins to "fingerpaint" themselves and others with chocolate pudding.  On my sister's patio.  

{Stupidest idea in PARENTING Magazine E.V.E.R.} 

Now I can't go to my deathbed with that "NO REGRETS" bumper sticker because this was a decision I deeply regret and my BIL Howard regretted even more as he was cleaning up glops of dried chocolate pudding off the window sunshades and scrubbing the concrete on his hands and knees with his metal BBQ brush.

[Sorry Howard.] 

Back to the rocks--I used basic acrylic paints from Michaels, and cheapo paintbrushes.  Yes I had to do a couple of coats.  I didn't paint the lower-case alphabet on the back, but that would have been a good idea.  I outlined them with a Sharpie, and sprayed them with an acrylic top-coat. 

If I would do it over again, I would try to find colored paint PENS.  I had a white paint pen and that's what I used for the white letters. It was infinitely easier than painting with a brush.  My colored paint pens weren't vibrant enough colors to have any coverage--maybe they're out there but I haven't looked.  Or maybe a few coats? 

You can get the bag of rocks at the Dollar Store [fake floral aisle].

Or heck, go have your kids forage for some rocks outside, for heaven's sake.


Jen B said...

Proof that you can have FUN! I just might have to make these... but I'm not sure what-ever-for ;)

Anonymous said...

Laughing and laughing...

Ashley said...

Ditto on the love for Randall!... It's hard being in the middle.

dave.heather said...

Those are so stinkin' cute!! You should sell them on Etsy. Then I'll buy a set and teach my KINDERGARTNER (first day of school is TODAY - which is why I'm spending the entire day reading OPB's -other peoples' blogs) the alphabet. Or maybe once I've reached the end of the internet I'll make a set myself....

So fun!

Kristi Smith said...

When is your book coming out?

Marilyn Broadbent Oveson said...

You always make me laugh! Thanks for the chuckle...

Maren said...

I love the alphabet rocks. I can see this project in my future.

Delia said...

Ha ha...Karen you always make me laugh. So I was really worried that my kids would throw them too, but so far so good. I was waiting on the sidelines ready to snatch them up the first few times Reid got his hands on them.

You paint nicely if I say so myself. It is dang hard to make those letters look nice.

And the pudding incident. Wow.

Chelle said...

You're way more crafty that I am. I love reading about other people's projects, but just never quite get around to them myself. Imagine my shock when I found myself volunteering to provide the craft for girl's camp this year. Yikes!

Thanks for reporting on the evils of a free-for-all pudding event. I'm totally laughing, but somehow I think it may not have been all that hilarious to be an adult in the middle of it!