Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what I would LIKE to make my kids' teachers...

(photo/idea credit to Evie B.)

And what they will likely get. {again}.

The time I might have spent today making ruining these nifty crayon wreaths (I often fantasize about being that crafty mom) was instead spent finding the perfect jeggings (jeans/leggings) for Ellison.  She wallowed around on the floor this morning before school bellowing that "her pants were so small that even a squirrel wouldn't fit into them!!"
[I did shrink them].
[And I did appreciate the rodent in jeggings imagery].

That's OK.  The mom who made the wreath claimed it only cost $5.00 total and it only took her 20 minutes, which is a big fat lie.

Off to Target.


Michelle said...

Cute wreath, but like you I wouldn't even attempt it. I bought some cute mugs with hot chocolate and candy bars sticking out of them in gift wrap from a craft fair.

Sims Family said...

Cute wreath. There is no way I could make one that cute, either. :)
hmmm. Guess I had better pick something up today for the teachers tomorrow!

Janet said...

Those crafty moms are so good at those big fat lies that make us normal moms feel so guilty! :) Honestly if I was a teacher and someone gave that to me I would wounder where I would put it so it wouldn't get broken, and then I would wonder how I would clean it when it got dusty. I guess I'm no fun. :) I did make a teacher gift, but it wasn't as involved--a tote bag with their initial ironed on it. I love Traget gift cards--an excellent idea.

Natalie said...

i vote for the target card too.