Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Guy

Nope, it's not Jackson's birthday.

It's just that poor old Jax never gets any airtime on the blog.
{Except perhaps in an occasional cameo as a foster child}.

Case in point--I never even posted about his killer laser tag birthday party from last May.

I also bet you didn't know that his basketball team won the championship game for their age division in the Phoenix Suns arena. Of course you didn't.

Occasionally he'll read my blog or have suggestions as to what I should put on it.
THIS post was his idea. THIS post was NOT his idea.

Tonight I was browsing through hundreds of photo files and was struck by these handsome photos of my only son.

The son who makes his bed first thing every single morning without being asked or threatened.
(his sisters don't).
He is so good to his sisters when some days
he has every excuse to give them a sound wholloping.
He is usually drowning in a sea of girlish drama.
Trademark quote: "Good thing I got dear old dad."

His sense of humor is dry.
He is a sports nut. (like his dad).
He wants to play college football. (like his dad).
He has awesome Tobler ears. (like his dad).
He plays a mean piano and baritone.
His heart is kind and good.
Now I am sounding like a certain aunt who we used to make fun of for bragging about her kids ad nauseum.
Too bad.
No apologies.

Lucky to know this guy.


Michelle said...

He's very handsome. I think it's great that he makes his bed without being asked. This is something I haven't mastered with any of my 5 boys yet. How did you do that?

Nancy hoopes said...

VERY handsome indeed! And a wonderful, nice kid to boot. Keep up the good work, Jackson.

Delia said...

What a sweet guy. He is very handsome. I can see both sides in him. I knew your bro. in law Nick in high school so I see Nick in him and your dad too. :)

Janet said...

I don't think you sound like her at all! This was a great post. He is a good lookin' boy. I totally understand, and Kevin can sympathize with drama and sisters. We have a lot of that out our house too.

Sims Family said...

He is so cute. Maybe I can get him to marry one of my girls.

The Good Life on Less! said...

Wow ... he is a handsome boy and getting so BIG! He's going to be going on a mission before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Karen, a tear in my eye and i got the chills! what a wonderful son that resulted in a wonderful post!
from kristi smith

Becky said...

Ahhhh, Jackson. Yep, that was a much needed post. That is one handsome boy- ...oh the memory of the first time I came over to your old apt. and watched your kids (just he and Caroline) one day while you ran somewhere really quick. Jackson was supposed to be taking a nap...the cute little thing. He was jumping and jumping in his crib. I walked in ... he took one look at me and laid his little head down as fast as he could and was so still- wondering who the heck I was. He was soooo still- until finally he fell asleep. I can't believe how old these kids are. I wish he and Landon could hang out. You have a good, talented, kind boy right there. Sooooo not surprised!

Ashley said...

Love that guy! Just tell Jackson that he has two brothers over here in Hoopes land who worship his guts and think he is the coolest thing ever! You are so lucky to have such a stud. We are lucky to have him too! Love you.

dave.heather said...

What a great kid. And so guapo. A true treasure. You're a lucky mama (but you already knew that!). Hugs, Heather

Karie said...

I loved it! handsome boy for sure! I'm glad you posted about him because I feel like my blog is always over-run with posts about Dustin, becuase he's just busier, goofier and always doing something that creates a story, whereas Daria just does what she's supposed to do, is very logical and not too much goes on out of the ordinary in her life..... you've given me an idea of how to post somethign on her! LOL

Chelle said...

He's not so little boyish looking anymore...that's a funny thing that happens when you don't see someone for years, huh? Even "way back when" Jackson was a good kid. Glad to hear he's keeping his good guy reputation. Nice post.

Carol F. said...

I'm lucky, too, to know Jackson a little bit. I respect him even more that he doesn't take revenge on his sisters. That is pretty remarkable, not because of the girls, but because temperance is such a hard-to-come-by trait. I love it!