Sunday, March 7, 2010


I may or may not have slightly played up a recent sinus infection so I could justify abdicating my duties as a parent to read in bed all day.  I drove Charlotte to preschool in my bathrobe.

To be fair, the day started with a sinus headache that hurt like stink. I had the good doctor call in a z-pak. I was just yucked-up enough to not be totally miserable, yet not feeling sprightly enough to feel like doing anything productive.  I love self-mandated bedrest for a day.



The Good Life on Less! said...

We all deserve a day like that!

dave.heather said...

Oh yeah. Breaking Dawn. Do you love it?? I, myself, am still recovering from withdrawals due to my recent Twilight addiction. I may have to reread the series. Enjoy! H

Delia said...

I felt like faking a sick day - like totally faking...but didn't. Glad you got some "you" time. Is that blogger draft working alright for you? I noticed that one of your pictures looked larger in your last post.

Postcards and Coasters said...

I should have never sold that lamp... I like it! :)