Sunday, March 7, 2010

now that's what I call a stimulus package

a love litmus test:

Driving down the strip in Las Vegas.
a two-night getaway.
I see BARRY MANILOW flashing on the marquis sign.
A neon beacon.
I whip my head around to make sure it wasn't a mirage.
I think I might need the paddles. Heartrate stabilizes.
I tell McHopingIDidn'tSeeTheSign that I'm embarrassed at how excited I feel.
At the mere prospect of singing along to "Mandy".
Or whistling the intro to "Can't Smile Without You."
I honestly don't know what it is about that androgynous sap that I love so much.
I just know that I love him.
All at once, my entire Junior High choreography/lip synch career rewinds into vivid memory.
Betsy's dad's huge video camera capturing hours of various "dance" versions of Copacabana on horrifying video.

I got the "go ahead" resigned look.
Proof positive that he loves me.
We call for tix.
Sold out.
{Except for the $390 per seat scalped tix}.

Marc was secretly relieved to retain his masculinity. And basic self-respect.
No having to endure the taunts of my brothers.
The same brothers (most likely Gavin) who scratched my Barry Manilow ONE VOICE album with a car key.
Rendering it unplayable on my Sanyo turntable.
[The desired result.]

That's OK . I've been promised a trip back to Vegas soon.
Just for Barry.


Becky said...

oh shoooot! No Barry? Darn it all. You look cute and hey!!!! I have those shoes!!!!!!! I haven't worn them yet, but boy do I love them.

MarvelousMightyMommyMichele said...

SNAP - I so want to see Barry...someday for sure!

brendayoder said...

I like your blog! 40 something is just pretty good