Thursday, September 24, 2009

more peaches

Day 8: CALLANETICS. Old school. An ex-ballerina named Callan Pinckney developed these exercises like a millenium ago. My high school girlfriends and I still make fun of the way she describes the "perfect little peach" one will attain by doing ballet-like moves. Whatever, dude.

Callan and I have quite a history. I have fond memories of doing CALLANETICS with my cousin Marilyn Oveson my Freshman year at BYU. I was battling the "Freshman 10" {and severe loneliness} and she was newly married with a new baby. I'd go over to her little newlywed house right off campus and we'd move our limbs ever-so-slightly "one-half inch" here and there. They really do tone you up quickly if you do them right. My mom still does these DVDs (actually I think they are VHS videos) and she looks like a million bucks.

Day 9: Cardio Kick Boxing. This class was extremely enjoyable. Mostly because my instructor looked and moved like Fergie. I'd never done a kick-boxing class before. New adventures people! This was the perfect mix of dance and boxing moves. I'll be going back to this little Monday morning gig.

Day 10: With my newly perceived coordination, I opted to try a class called "The Mixx" today. Taught by my new favorite instructor, Fergie. I showed up a little late and peered through the window in Studio 1. The slick moves I'd semi-mastered in Sparteens [my high school drill team] were no match for Fergie's Funk-A-Thon. I just couldn't bring myself to go in there. What a copout! I'm not intimidated by too many things, but I slunk away and be-bopped right on over to the Stairmaster instead. I lasted about 2 minutes on that puppy before I gave up entirely and drove to my alma mater, Dunkin Donuts. I was tempted to, at least. But I stuck it out on the treadmill. Two pounds lost!

I will be checking out the full-blown BOOT CAMP tomorrow. Variety. Accountability. We'll see.


Jared and Delia said...

You are a warrior! Wow! I am going to have to try that Callanetics...cheesy or not. I just quit my gym membership so I need a video for the home front. Thanks.

Oh and blog change...really? Long story...feel a bit raw about it at the moment. I kind of feel like my life is a Seinfeld episode, except I'm married and I am not laughing and probably never will about this.

Postcards and Coasters said...

We'll have to meet at the gym some day.

I've driven to the gym a few times and not even made it in. After my long commute sometimes it doesn't sound so fun once I get there. Anything usually sounds more fun.

Target... down the street
Steinmart... a little further down the street HomeGoods... even further

And if I wasn't so fat right now I'd meet you at Dunkin Donuts.

Marilyn said...

We used to have so much fun doing those crazy callanetics, so we could have that lovely "peach of a bottom"! Man those things kicked serious bootay. I remember being so sore from those... No wonder your mom still looks so great, I should have stuck with my Callanetics!

I am doing the same thing you are, class hopping and mostly enjoying it. The kickbox instructor this week was interesting, while it was a fun workout, she may, or may not, have been possessed... I am still uncertain on this. She kept going into some personal, weird zone where she would talk like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. I had Madelyn with me and she hung in like a pro, but I did wonder if she was being scarred, maybe just scared, by this bizarre instructor (who had extended a personal invitation to Madelyn to come to her class). Weird on toast, I tell ya...

Chelle said...

It's nice to know what workout routine will give me that perfect little peach I've been wanting for so long now.

Of all the classes you've mentioned, Kickboxing is my favorite. If I like Kickboxing so much, I suppose I should actually participate in a class once in a while instead of spending my time just reading about people who participate. Next time you show up, throw a punch or two for me will ya?

Stacy said...

Oh, so weird, I was thinking of Callanetics just the other day and couldn't think of the name. At about 16 I tried this once or twice and decided it was just too difficult to get my bubble-butt into her little poses/exercises. Really couldn't see it happening now! No perfect little peach for me! :)

Carol F. said...

Oh!!! My mom used to make my sisters and I do Callanetics with her, too! Very funny. They really do work.