Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slurp it on Blurb

If you are on the fence about transferring your blog posts to a tangible hardcover book, DO IT.

It's called slurping your blog. It's how I justify blogging these days. At least my posterity will have something of perceived wit and self-aggrandizing charm from their Great Great Great Grandma Karen Louise Hoopes Tobler. Either that or they will think I was some useless fluffhead.

I would have loved to know more of my ancestors' insights/perspectives/challenges/thoughts. About anything.

McFullOfSurprises slurped my blog for Mother's Day. Love that guy. He and sidekick Jax had a great time choosing the posts and photos for it. I love the format, and the weight/quality of the paper is heavy. first class. I have no idea how they actually did it, but there's more info here.

Charlotte needed very little convincing as to the wit/charm of her mother.


Sherri said...

Thanks! That's how I also justify my small blogging addiction. :)

Delia said...

I want to slurp my blog too, it is just going to have to wait until we are out of school and can afford to slurp it.

I can't believe your kids are in school again already. Time flies.

Karie said...

Karen, I totally agree. I actually Blurb'd our vacation from last year and did a 50th wedding anniversary book for my in-laws, then found out about the slurp, which is what I've been working on now. So cool! Way to go McHubby! what a surprise that must have been. K

Becky said...

I have always wondered how to do that- I also feel justified in blogging, especially when I don't write in my journal like I should. I don't think I would blog if I thought it would be lost forever. I'd better SLURP!

Fletch said...

Thanks! I've been searching for a way to do that for about a year now. Oh...and your pictures of your family reunion are breathtaking. I'm jealous of you talent with the camera (and your writing talent, too).