Monday, August 10, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock

My sister Susan answered the phone this morning with a resounding "Woo Hoo!" And it was loud and hurt my ear. School had apparently started in Yuma, too.

I found myself cheerfully whistling "Conjunction, junction, what's your function?" all morning. Yeah, I know what your function is, alright.
To keep my kids happily learning all day so I can catch a nap and perhaps run get a dark chocolate Sprinkles cupcake and read a book on the couch all day! How about for one day at least?

In preparation for her elementary school debut, my darling Kindergarten girl, Ellison, lovingly laid out the outfit she would wear that first exciting day. It took me almost an hour to talk her out of the Dora pajama set she'd chosen. She's also chosen to wow the future class of 2021 with a hot pink patent leather belt--worn as a hair accessory.

Ellison's quote of the week: [after she almost had to get stitches from a head gash from a picture frame falling off the mantle onto her head Sunday]: "Mom! I get to have red highlights in my hair for kindergarten!"

From the blood.

Caroline has been very anxious for the past few days. After all, this is her third school in four years, bless her heart. I give her a week to be friends with almost everyone. After she found her teacher {who very much resembles Tipper Gore} on the playground, she stoicly whispered: "Bye mom. Your work here is done."

Dismissed by my 8 year old. Happily so, frankly. I had stuff to do!!

And I don't know how Jackson actually felt because he never verbalized much. When I asked him "How was your first day of school?" he replied "Mom, that's like my least favorite question." So I tried different angles. "Tell me your favorite thing about your first day of school." "Tell me ANYTHING about your first day of school." "Grunt if you liked your teacher." or "Blink your eyes once if you liked the hot lunch, twice if it was lame." We'll get to do our talking later tonight when I get some one-on-one time before bedtime. Fifth grade boys are awesome.

I suppose I can't blame him after the whole "Foster Child" incident.

The Back-to-School photo op was dead in the water from the get-go. Jax would rather tie a cinderblock around his neck and jump in the pool than endure such abject humiliation. The next day at the bus stop, I was thus forced to whip out the telephoto lens and strategically position myself behind large shrubs. Hey, I don't make the rules.

Lastly, I dropped my carefree Puffy Sue off at preschool, happy and ready to attack the fingerpaints/glitter/playdough that awaited her.

THE KICKER--The euphoria and freedom quickly turned to melancholy. As soon as I was sans offspring, I immediately wished I could see their sweaty little red faces again. I miss my little chickens. Think I'll get over it?

[A grand thanks to my friend natalie for showing me how to use Photobucket!]


lawtrix said...

I thought about the kids yesterday and hoped that their first day of school was going well. Thanks for the update and the photos - I think the head-belt is great ;)

Becky said...

Even the baby in preschool?!?!?! You are home free! I have to say that I am now ready for them to go back. I am just plain worn out!

So, just keep singin' away at the Schoolhouse Rock songs, go get more cup cakes, do some is all good for you!!!

karen said...

yep, even the Puffy Sue. She gets her little glorified playdates (aka preschool) for four hours per week, and we still get her for the remaining 168 hours that are left each week. she loves it. and I love it. we all love everything! everybody loves everybody. I need a nap.

Molly said...

Karen you are so funny. And I'm not sure if I commented on the whole foster child thing but thanks for reminding me, that is hillarious! I love Ellysen's pink "headband" she's so cute!

Molly said...

Karen - About Pumpkin Patch, it's closed... I didn;t know either, I was gone the whole month of July and I get back and take the kids to San Tan Village to find PP almost EMPTY!!! It was 2 days before they were closing and I ahd no idea!!! I stocked up on shirts for Hayden but the girl stuff was not good, only size 10-12 and it was mostly ugly. I got a few baby gifts too but that's it! The Chandler Mall store was apparently already closed! Anyway I got some great shirts for Hayden all for less than 8 bucks! But that was my favorite store for Brynley, I am sad... Now if Nartjie closes, then I'm really screwed...

Chelle said...

Okay, that pink "headband" is something else. Only someone with some serious confidence could pull that off.

Enjoy your days! My kids start next week. I can't wait...or can I???

Maren said...

I hope all your kiddos have settled into school and are anticipating going this 2nd week!! Hope to hang out and hear the stories soon.