Tuesday, August 18, 2009

28th Summer

Two Grandparents (my parents). Five children (one is me) . Nineteen grandchildren.
Several aunts and uncles from Hoopes side. Numerous cousins and second cousins.
28 consecutive years at the iconic green and white Beach Cottages.

That are like 100 years old.
Room 210 {where my parents stay} hasn't changed much since I was 13.

(Above: Cousins and a little "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo")

Above: Aunt Nancy Killian and sis Megan parasailing. We also went with Aunt Cindy, cousins Beth, Bree, & Sarah, Sisters Meg and Sus, nieces Madeline, my Jax and Caroline, and my mom. My only regret is that I didn't smuggle a camera in my shirt pocket somehow to get some shots from the bird's eye view. It was so peaceful and surprisingly silent that high above the ocean. Worth every penny.

(Above: The Puffy Sue)

(Above: Caroline and I parasailing)

(Above: Bro Gav and SIL Ashley)

(Above: BIL Howard and Sis Susan)
They got rich finding all the Rolex watches and authentic Spanish gold dubloons with their metal detector.

(Above: Mom and Dad)

(Above: My Ellison)

(Above: Beautiful Sis Megan)

(Above: Jax and my mom)

(Above: My mom and Jax paragliding)

(Above: Dad)

(Above: Jax and Sammy)

(Above: Ale and Caroline @ San Diego Temple)

(Above: Jax, cousin Dalton, and Caroline in Surf Camp)

(Above: Cousins Dalton, Jeffrey, and Jax zoning out on Sunday afternoon)


Becky said...

um...yes, I get that. No more monitoring THOSE! I am doing the whole no video games during the week- it always turns out to be such a great thing for me. It's school, homework, and play outside from now on until snow. :) Cute, creative photo there! I am guessing cousins at the beach, right? :) That was totally us, too.

Jared and Delia said...

I love your photos! Did you figure out picasa or is it photoshop elements?

Some of those pictures are AMAZING! Go you! Glad you had a fun trip.

Becky said...

I am so glad that your summer memories includes more than just those cute boys playing nintendo. I was trying to understand WHY in the world that would capture it all. Ha Ha Ha. Ok, now I will go back and enjoy each and every photo. Here I go.

Becky said...

Very impressed with your photos- they all look so good and captures the fun in every one. You have a talent there, partner. particularly impressed with all the parasailers and that Caroline stood up on the surf board. She is awesome!

Wondering if Susan and Howard found any treasures, and Charlotte is so darn cute. Wish I could see her in person. All your kids are. Such a neat tradition that your parents have been carrying on all these years!!! I wish I could find something that we loved to do so much that we find ourselves at year 28!

karen said...


I wish I could claim talent in the photo department, but my cousin Delia just turned me onto Picassa and I've been enjoying photoshopping those photos like crazy. It's so easy! So there is where the talent lies--in pushing the "soft light filter" button.

Don't you do that camping on the beach thingy with your whole fam every year? I believe you do. That tradition will still be around in 30 years, I betcha...

Sherri said...

Love the pic with the 3 surfboards. Pretty colors & looks like fun!

Karen said...

I love parasailing! It looks like everyone had a great time.

Ashley said...


Love your pictures. Those ones of the boys are so darling. Thanks for sharing.

The Reillys said...

Wow! What kind of camera do you have? The pics are great...maybe it's your mad photography skills?

The Weeden Family said...

Wow! Those are really beautiful pictures! They look like they could be in a magazine!

Carol F. said...

Karen, Karen, Karen, these photos are phenomenal!!! I don't believe it is just a button. Seriously. You are doing great. Looks like fun, too!

Tobler Family said...

Jackson sure looks old with that surf board.