Friday, June 10, 2011

more SLC

Sometimes trips are perfect. 

Like this one, for example.

We got to see my bro Gavin and SIL Ashley and their family.

Whom I adore.

[A relaxing meal here with Ashley].

I couldn't have ordered more perfect weather.

I loved my zippy rental car (seriously).

I caught up with my cousins Randy and Marilyn Oveson.

Hiked a gorgeous hike in the foothills with them.

And saw my Aunt Dixie and Uncle Steve.

Watched the South African Boys Choir perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Mostly importantly I got to hang out by myself with Jax.

Perfect, I tell you.

my brother Gavin and nephew Garrett

 Niece Shelby


If you don't own one of these 20 Questions Balls (pictured above), RUN, don't walk, to your nearest Target or Walmart.
It's $10.00 and makes a spiffy birthday gift. 
 For girls.  For boys.  Young.  And old. 
My kids love it.
Marc and I occasionally steal it for ourselves.
My niece Shelby was enthralled with this game.
[I just reminded myself that I must get another one before our long drive to Pinetop].


Becky said...

What kinda stinkin' lens do you have??? I need it. (I am sure it's mostly your skills, ... but still.) Such great shots right there.

Ashley said...

Probably feel like you need to get a new 20 ? ball, cause you left yours here! Shelby found hers two seconds after you left, of course. So, we'll bring both and give you back yours at Pinetop. Thanks again for that!

karen said...

Just the standard SLR zoom lens that came with my Nikon. Embarrassingly I don't know any more than that. It's kinda long. And takes killer photos.