Saturday, December 26, 2009

and the "Best Gift Award" goes to....

Caroline! [to her doting father].

Runner Up.....Santa!

[For this bad-to-the-bone rickshaw trike.
Made in China or India, appropriately].
Yak not included.


Postcards and Coasters said...

Cute pics. Speaking of yak... I saw a yak when I was in Tibet (kinda scary looking). We ate Yak and I have a yak bone necklace. Nice!

Yes I've been wondering if I should throw away CC's new lip gloss made in China. Who knows what's really in it. ;)

I think you should sent us your Christmas card just in time for Valentines day.... I've been known to do that.

rebecca said...

Love seeing your family! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Loved the rickshaw idea (my kids would have killed for one)...we rode on one of those all over Thailand...believe it was called a tuk tuk...scarriest ride of my life! Forget the lemonade stands, I see earning potential in that tuk tuk : ). Tell everyone hello!