Monday, December 7, 2009

the world according to caroline

[5-year old daughter Ellison:]
"Mom, Caroline says if I don't obey her she'll
tell them to lock me up in jubi."
I don't know who "them" is.
How Caroline became the resident expert on
juvenile detention centers
still remains a mystery.
Probably just typical 3rd grade water cooler fodder...


Jared and Delia said...

Jubi...close. :)

Janet said...

One of Justin's favorite comments is, "Kids, can't beat 'em!" Don't you love how they try to manipulate each other? Kelly used to tell Kevin that if he didn't do what she wanted she wouldn't be his sister anymore and he would just sob broken hearted and give in. He couldn't live with the thought that she wouldn't be his sister anymore.

Nick Jen and Spencer said...


Ashley said...

Hello! I want to see your Thanksgiving photos! I know that you took some could you not? It was all so gorgeous. xoxo

Carol F. said...

I am snorting laughing about going to jubi.