Thursday, December 25, 2008

If THIS doesn't invoke the holiday spirit...

Dear Santa:

For Christmas this year I would like to have a mom that doesn't neglect me whilst doing last minute Christmas shopping at her favorite boutique Naartje allowing me to roam freely near the sharp-edged baseboards in the store and trip and fall so I have to go to the ER which was quite frankly a hellish nightmare and have 20 stitches and be totally sedated so the plastic surgeon my mom insisted on summoning to the ER could sew a straight line so I wouldn't look like Frankenstein forever like when I start to date in 20 years.

Thanks again,

Sweet Little Charlotte

(All photos snapped on my phone)

(this one even still just makes me want to cry right this second)

Dear Santa,

I would also love it if you could slip a coupla vials of the antidote to incessant/unproductive motherly guilt in my stocking, while you're at it.




Ashley Ann said...

Oh Karen, I am so sorry. The poor little thing. That must have been awful. Needless to say, it's a Christmas you'll never forget. And luckily, one that she is too young to remember. It happens to at least you can relax and enjoy the days after Christmas.

[BrookeO] said...

Oh my gosh.

Anonymous said...

poor baby. it happens, don't beat yourself up. look at my facebook pics and see Zach with almost the same wound.

Lonni said...

hey... my kid doesn't even have a gash on her head... and I have enough motherly guilt to cover a small nation. I feel for ya!!! Hope the holidays were memorable in other ways too.
Love ya.

dave.heather said...

Oh poor thing. Bummer! Trips to the ER...Honestly. Who needs 'em?!

P.S. You're an awesome mom. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...even yourself.

Love Naartje!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even handle that one of her laying down all sedated. Can't even handle it. Oh, so so sad. I am so sorry....and sad. Are YOU ok??? I know that guilt can get ya. You poor things- both of you.

Chelle said...

Karen, I am so sorry this happened. Hopefully you're able to let the bulk of the guilt go quickly. I'm so glad she's all stitched up now and hope she's doing okay.

Leah is obsessed with this post and for the past two days she asks me to pull it up every time I'm on the computer. She says it's too bad we can see that little girl's skull, but she's convinced that she's not hiding behind a chair. Nope. She's pretty sure it's a bench. And she wants to know why the girl needs those things on her breasts. Next time I'm checking your blog without my kid around.

I'll be looking forward to an update as to how the both of you are doing.

Karie said...

Okay, seriously, that is such an off the wall experience! Of all places! Glad she was ok. Tell us how your mixer is..... we must know!!!!! Hope you had a great holiday!

Brenna said...

Oh Karen, I am so sorry that happened. You poor things! Hope you had a Merry Christmas despite the chaos.

jenny schomaker said...

omgosh how sad!!!! glad she is doing better!

karen said...

Sorry to post such a macabre scenario, here--it's been brought to my attention that it's a little gory and may potentially elicit some dry-heaving.

Carol F. said...

Karen, a baseboard is extremely benign in most cases. This is easily labeled as "fluke" and "meant to be" in my book. Good job getting the plastic surgeon to do the work!!!! Soon, you won't even see it.

Garrett and Heather Wood said...

Wow! If that doesn't make you feel awful, what will? So sorry! Mason had to get stitches when he was about 2 and the screaming in the ER is still banging around in my head.