Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis

Old Roomie Kris: "Why don't you ever blog about your training?"

SheRox Sprint Triathlon Sat, May 10
400 meter swim
5K run
12.5 bike ride
Started training in January.
Got new road bike.
Got McSporty Spice one too.
He never uses his.
Because HE is always watching kids while I train.
Tuesday nights ASU for swim coaching.
$100/month for coaching/personalized training plan.
Highly recommend coaching for this type of event.
To prevent injury/learn technique.
Also have very cool mentor courtesy of SheRox.
Finally running entire 5K, not walk/running.
McThoughtful made me excellent iPod mix for my runs.
Run M/W with friends from ward at 6:00 am.
They run 8 minute miles.
I do not.
Hip aches mostly.
Knees holding up OK.
Swam open water 800m w/wetsuit in Saguaro Lake.
Love buoyancy of wetsuit.
Saturday bike rides in a.m. with group.
Rode 25 miles on uphill course last Sat. to Fountain Hills.
Tired/sore most days.
Why don't I have more energy?
Exhiliarated and motivated immediately after workouts.
Worried about burnout.
Not much extra time for blogging.
Going to bed earlier with McEarly-to-Bed.
Picture myself crossing finish line and hugging husband/kids.
Family has sacrificed and misses me.
McSupportive especially misses me.
McSupportive growing weary of running show at home.
Could NEVER do this w/o his encouragement.
Lost 20 lbs.
Spanx absolutely makes a garment that I use as a "bike short."
Never thought I'd be doing this.
Obsessed? Probably.
Have to be obsessed or you won't do it.
Love pushing my physical limits.
No desire to ever do an IRONMAN.
Those guys are psycho.
But tough as nails.
Confronting fears of the unknown.
Too old for usual antics of skydiving, bungee-diving, etc.
Can't sleep/stomach ache before new stuff, i.e. Open Water swim.
Very expensive to start out.
But then you have it all.
Babysitting budget shot to heck.
Kids tired of babysitters.
Can't wait/scared silly.
One of the hardest things I've ever comitted to.
Doing it.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome and I am completely jealous. Good luck!

I tried on my largest pre-pregnancy pants this morning. Yeah right - it'll take months to fit into those again. And to think they were big before...

Can't wait until I can be active again. I'm thinking another marathon is in my future, and your post further inspires me. AND, after that marathon-cubed childbirth experience, I feel like I could do 10 marathons in a row...

Right after Charlie was born, some nurse said something about how giving birth is like running a marathon. I was thinking...YEAH RIGHT! Try "giving birth is like running 10 marathons in a row..." But I was too tired to say anything.

Anyway, enough about me. Good luck with your last bit of training. Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Becky said...

karen, WAY. TO. GO.!!! You are awesome...I loved that short choppy to-the-point blog. Glad to know what you have been up to. That should inspire me to do something like that but instead it just scares me and makes me want to run away. Just thinking about a race makes me sweat. You go girl.

Nic@Nite said...

Way to GO! Wish you were here and I would totally do it with you! Seriously! Keep us informed of how it is going.

LCFrohm said...

Rock out, hot thang!
Sounds like a crazy schedule.
But I'm beyond proud of you.
I'm starting to consider gaining some weight so I qualify for lap-band surgery. Seems easier than trying to lose 60-70 pounds.
Completely envious of you...

Jared and Delia said...

Good for you! You are an inspiration.

Karie said...

You inspire me!!!!!! Way to go!