Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bucking the Trends

Something must be wrong with me. First, there's my distaste for Crocs. Those cloggy slippers are ugly and too popular. Then, I was the only woman in America (besides you, Beckz) disinterested in the best-seller Twilight. (Would you just eat her already, Edward?!) Thought the movie Enchanted was lame-O. Patrick Dempsey's winsome and boring character coupled with that horrific mole on Amy Adams' neck killed it for me. And now, I've grown utterly weary of Tuscan/Old World architecture. Arizona has beat this once-popular look right into the bloody ground. Are we in Tuscany, people? I think we're not.

I don't profess to have any architctural prowess, and my tastes do seem to change with the wind. Today, for example, I'm on a contemporary kick. Maybe because I have seen a total of 2 contemporary homes in Gilbert. They're just cool and...well, different. Many of you well know that I'm a freak for HGTV. I'm surprised they haven't issued a restraining order against me for my incessant emails to "Divine Design" with Candace Olsen, wherein I repeatedly get her to try to come rennovate any room in my rental home. I really doubt my landlords would mind. We're signing on the dotted line for another 12 months of renters bliss, hoping that the market continues to fall, but in the meantime, it's been fun to peruse some ridiculously-overpriced homes in the area with McPractical and my sis-in-law Steph.

I used to think contemporary = cold/harsh/angular. But I do love the clean lines and natural finishes like the bamboo wood floor they used in this home. Plus I love the metal roof.

McPracticality's concern? How does one maintain privacy with all those windows, whicih theoretically aren't supposed to have window treatments to preserve the contemporary feel of the home? Good point, McAlwaysThinkin husband of mine. Grow some really tall oleanders around the property, maybe?


Becky said...

Looks are far more important than privacy, Marc,...I mean, c'mon!

Me like that house! And I like to buck the trends too. good post.

The Ross Family said...

I love your posts, and your sarcasm. It just cracks me up. I wish I had a style it would make life easier. The good news is renting will give you another year to peruse.

Austin said...

I am still waiting for college hodge podge to be in style. After 10 years of collecting...I will be totally ready once it hits! And oops, this is really Allison...not Austin...I am just too lazy to go in and fix the name thing tonight.

Nick, Jen and Spencer said...

Hi y'all. Just hopped on the blog to see what's new. Looks like all is going well. I'm with Marc--I need some privacy.

Julie said...

Hey Karen! So fun to hear from you in sunny AZ. We are expecting a boy this summer & then moving to Winston-Salem, NC for a fellowship. Very excited about it all.

As for your opinion here - I love that someone takes issue with the Tuscan trend (and the crocs!) Have you seen the HGTV Green house? I'm not exactly a granola, but I thought the architecture was nice.

karen said...

That's so funny that you say that, because this very house is listed in the MLS as "Chandler Green House" built with a bunch of organic and "green" materials. Me personally, I would rather give up a little tree-hugger for the price break, plus, THE IRONY IS: how can any 5300 sq foot home be "green" when its gotta cost like $3000/month to cool with all those windows? I don't care if they DO use blown-in blue jean insulation and upgraded low-emissivity windows, it's still the antithesis of frugal and simple living.

Angie said...

Hey Sister Tobler.
It's Angie Monsen from Temple. I would love to talk to you.
We miss you. :)

Brenna said...

Ok, Karen, I feel the same way about Crocs!!! LOL I have been trying to make myself like them, but I just can't. That is funny.