Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seven Year Itch

Since I'm kind of catching up for the entire Holiday Season as far as posting goes, I have neglected to mention that my darling first-born daughter advanced another year in age. Born December 22, 2000, she is now SEVEN. A millenial baby by a hair.

Due date: Christmas Day. (Hot tip of the week: If you do NOT wish for a Christmas baby, avoid mating season in mid-March.) And born on the 22nd only because I begged my doc to induce me so we could be home on Christmas.

Caroline is a whippersnapper in every sense of the word. She is very much like me, which I both love and dread. She is a sister extraordinaire to her younger sisters, and loves to cook with me when I lighten up and let her. (the mess, you know). Her favorite is a pasta dish from the "Sandra Lee/Semi-Homemade" cookbook. Marc calls Sandra Lee's recipes "semi-edible", but this one is pretty good. She loves reading the "Little House on the Prairie" series with me every night, when I apparently get to relive my own childhood. She thinks I grew up during the pioneer days, because she recently remarked:

"Mom, you were born in the 1900s, and that was a long long long long time ago."

Boy, I guess I was indeed born in the 1900s. 1968 to be exact, but it's still in the 1900s. Holy realization. Love that girl and her spark of fearlessness and adventure. At least she's outgrown her habit of calling black people "chocolate", and pointing to men's beer bellies and asking them if they "have a baby in their tummy" at the grocery store. I adore my Boo.

With Uncle Kevin at her birthday party, wherein she received the highly coveted "Daring Book for Girls" from Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Nae. Hopefully not TOO daring...


[BrookeO] said...

Oh man, our girls are growing right up. Karen, she is adorable and it is the biggest compliment when I say she is just like you. I miss you guys! Happy Birthday late Miss Caroline!

LCFrohm said...

Karen you are too funny!
No way you were born in 1968! That would mean you're turning 40 this year- and you are NOT 40.
You are such a joker!!
I love that Caroline thinks you're so old for being born in the 1900's. I can't wait for Dean to say something smarty pants like that.
It was bad enough when I was sick, once, I said "I'm sick" and he said "Are you old and sick". I thought he was mocking the fact that I say "sick and tired" of so many things. Instead it was from "I love you forever" where the mom calls her son to tell him she is "very old and sick".
Keep on blogging! I'm in search for running shoes now myself. I just need to find a store. You'd think in Dallas- they'd have a store. No such luck yet. I'll have to ask someone at the gym.

Becky said...

She is looking so grown up! Cute pictures- so cute. Landon got that book for Christmas- the one for BOYS of course.