Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ripped Off, Part II

Many of you have been asking me what happened since our checking account was bled dry by some crafty dirtbags last month. (reference previous post dated 12.03.07). Bank of America acted like this happens about every second, and our frantic phone call to B of A was met with cool, calm, and collected apathy. Thankfully we were reimbursed every penny, even the $2.00 charges that were charged to us from their repeatedly getting OUR cash out of OUR account at various ATMs across So. Cal. (who knew there was a $500 limit per withdrawl? Marc and I thought it was $200).

No, we don't know who the perps are, or whether or not they have been apprehended/incarcerated. That's something I really would like to know, but the bank is keeping mum.

My only tips are:
1) Check your account almost daily for any unfamiliar transactions. Many people only charge $40-50 per month on a card so you won't notice. Some con artists are smart and just skim off a little from each card/account they have so they won't be caught.
2) Also, KEEP YOUR SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS LOCKED UP. After the "Great Break-In of '04" we had locks put on our file cabinets so nobody (repairmen, housekeepers, babysitters, etc) can access our goods. Naturally I don't know where the keys to our file cabinets are right now, but that's an entirely different post altogether. At least the robbers won't be getting our loot out of them today, unless of course they've stolen my keys already and that's why I can't find them.
3) And lastly, never let the perp go even after she comes up with an amazing story about why she was in your house with a ziplock bag full of your passports, birth certificates, Social Security cards, bank statements, PINs, bank account info, etc. (break-in of 04).

I don't always have bad luck, but I'll definitely be forwarding onto you all those cheesy annoying emails I get warning me of "bad luck if I don't forward this to five people in the next five minutes" from now on. Sorry.


MrsPebs said...

Actually my hubba and I bought a fire and water proof safe last night. You have helped with my paranoia. :) We're better off now...I love reading your blog; keep posting!

[BrookeO] said...

Have you thought of going on Ellen?!!