Sunday, April 1, 2012

it's been awhile

And how I've missed you.

So what better way to usher in my newfound comittment to blogging (do ya like the new layout?) than to share a fabulous easter egg decorating tip: 

Wilton edible pearl dust. 

Add some to a little water, and paint on the eggs for a gorgeous irridescent look.  These are our best yet.  This pixie dust actually made me not dread coloring eggs this year.  It's the little things. Shimmery little things.


Kristi Smith said...

Oh, thank GOD you are back...I have missed your blog! And, I got some great easter egg ideas!!!

Becky said...

That was a lonnnnnng break, there, friend. Where in the WORLD do you find these ideas and HOW do you fit in this kind of enjoyment in your life? Can you share? I love those eggs! Thank you for once again pointing out what I totally am missing out on.

Also, can you do some consulting for me on how to fix my blog layout? Who helped you or are YOU the help? It looks so good, I love it.

karen said...


naturally i stole the idea from someone else--they used glitter (my nemesis) and I went to Hobby Lobby and substituted the pearl dust. seriously just looking at the photos of the eggs makes me want to boil some up at midnight and dust them all shimmery again. fun.

check out the only button I have on the sidebar of my blog--this girl honestly redid my blog layout for $10.00. laughable that you would think I could do it myself--never in a million years would I even know how...

Michelle said...

Those are awesome looking eggs. I'll have to do that next year.