Sunday, April 17, 2011

paging dr. awesome

I didn't bury it.

The good doctor busted me working on this post and informed me that I could only mention his recent accolade "casually--buried in another post or something..." 

Not super buried...but his mother will love this post.

This guy is not just a great dad with a killer jump shot.  

[Here's a snippet of his nomination]:

"We would like to nominate Dr. Marc Tobler for the Physician Golden Thread Award.  Dr. Tobler consistently demonstrates radical loving care.  It's hard to think of one single incident where Dr. Tobler has given excellent patient care, because he demonstrates it on every patient whose care he partakes in."

Aside from the atrocious writing, (can't help it-I'm a former English teacher) I was left scratching my head as to what "radical loving care" meant. Surely my image of the good doctor smothering his patients with radical loving care right before stuffing them into the MRI machine couldn't be entirely accurate. 

Whatever "radical loving care" is, apparently he demonstrates it, and demonstrates it well. 

And if you thought this was his first stint as Physician of the Month...well, you'd be Frank Lloyd Wrong.    


The Tabot Fam said...

Way to go Dr. Tobler! How nice to be recognized by your peers.

Tobler Family said...

That's great bro!

Janet said...


Chelle said...

Not surprising at all. Congratulations to Dr. Tobler and also to a supportive wife! Good job not burying that post Karen...this one was deserving of its own for sure!

Becky said...

You know what? Killer jump shot, radical loving care, speaking lay mans terms, ... you just cannot get better than that. Add awesome husband and father and it's the perfect guy. That is the kinda stuff that really pays off. I often tell Eric, "you can pretty much be the worst practicing physician but if you have good bedside manner,... it just doesn't matter". People like being cared for and Marc has always been that kinda person. Pat him on the back for us? You got a good one, dint cha?

dave.heather said...

Excellent medical care...another reason to move to Arizona. That may just push me over the edge...
Glad to see the kids are feeling better -- love the target bag covered barf bowl. I'm a frequent user of the barf bowl but I hadn't thought of lining it with a disposable target bag!!! You've taken barfing to a whole new level. Brilliant.

Your friend and fellow barf expert in California,

[BrookeO] said...

Oh how I love everything about you! This post, the other posts, the photos, the commentary; made my morning:)

Sherri said...

Getting MRI's suck... especially a boob MRI & biopsy. So of course having a nice doc helps... Congrats!