Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rock Your Babies Before It's Too Late.

Taken by my pal JSchomaker right before my Charlie's first birthday.

Constant motion.

Shocked to have gotten a couple of good shots.

Just ordered a rocking chair/ottoman which will arrive this week.

To rock my one year old baby girl in.

Because I gave away my glider/ottoman to "simplify" our last two moves.

One of my biggest regrets.

Why have I not been rocking my baby girl every day/night?

Please let her still want to be held and rocked for awhile longer.


Andrea B said...

Wow. What a beautiful photo. It looks like it's straight from a magazine or even a painting. I hope she likes her new rocking chair. Anistyn never wants to sit still long enough, but I'll keep trying!

Ashley said...

Karen, isn't that the truth! What is it about your last baby that makes you want to hold on to every second like it is the last?! What kind of rocker do you recommend? I have two that I inherited..neither of which I love, so I am thinking of splurging and getting a new one. My problem is that I don't have a ton of space, so I can't get one of those darling upholstered rocking chairs from Pottery Barn. Any suggestions?

karen said...

That's exactly the one I got--an upholstered one from Pottery Barn (the black and white wallpaper floral one). It'll look interesting completely monopolizing Charlotte's Lilliputian-esque room. So, unfortunately, I guess I don't have any suggestions because I also have the same issue and I MAY have to move it down to my living room wherein I can actually ROCK her while reading her a book, etc. if it's just too big for her bedroom. I'll let ya know...

Anonymous said...

She's such a cutie. With a name like Charlotte, though, what else would you expect? Totally kidding.

Thanks for the tip to rock before it's too late. Sometimes when Charlie is calm I am tempted to put him down and get stuff done, so I have to remind myyself to slow down and take a few minutes to just sit with him and rock him at those times.

Becky said...

That really is a beautiful picture! We put our leather recliner in the baby's room when we got here. Last night he woke up at about sounded like a murderer was in his room. He was SHRIEKING to the top of his lungs, scared-like. (I don't know, maybe nightmare?) So, I went in, scooped him up and rocked him for about 10 minutes. He was so content, and then wanted to be put back in the crib. I am with you. Baby rocking ROCKS. I have always been a rocker- now it's starting to fade a bit and I am so sad. :(

Ashley said...

Totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday!! How was the party? I wish we could have been there. I am pretty sure that we would have been the party poopers though, with our screaming newborn in tow. You'll have to post some pics!

Schomaker's said...

your dolly girl is up on the site- she is now "famous" check it out! Go to my site, enter blog then hit Tralalainc fun