Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rocky Start

I am posting this as a sort of catharsis. I'm hoping I will feel better after feverishly typing my bony little E.T. fingers off.

Today got off to a less-than-celestial start. Charlotte is going through a "phase" where she can pull herself up in her crib and then gets stuck standing up and doesn't know how to get down, so she just cries. Her newfound agility has spelled {sleep deprivation} for me. (Which is hard to get used to when her usual schedule is down at 6pm and up at 7:30am or so). I've been spoiled I know. I also have a nasty cold.

Poor Marc. I kicked him out of bed rudely at around 6:00am to deal with Sweetums after I'd been up every hour on the hour rescuing her from her vertical conundrum. (Of course he had been up late taking call). Things just went downhill from there. Kids could feel my exhaustion and irritation, so breakfast went poorly. Marc claimed he had to be to work early probably just to get away from the beast that was his wife. Had to fight Ellison tooth and nail to get her into her preschool clothes, and we finally settled on her pajama bottoms, a dress on top, her pirate hat and Sunday shoes, all the while listening to Charlotte cry because she's EXHAUSTED from her all-night "I can stand up now!" fiesta. With Ellison off to preschool, I'll go take a bubble bath with my favorite banana smoothie bubble bath to soak all the bitterness out of my pores. This will most likely remind me that I should have gone to the gym instead.

Self-loathing 101? I think not. I love my hair, my nose, my legs, and my decolletage (that area where your collarbone and neckline are). I DO feel better now! Thanks, blog. Gotta go send my McSweetie a grovelling email of apology.


Becky said...

Oh yeah, ...I could have easily reminded you of that standing up thing. (Not trying to "one-up you" or anything though.) You just wait, you are going to start remembering even more now. The fun has just begun, AGAIN! Bronsie is all over the place right now- he is so hard to have awake when I want to get something, ANYTHING, done! Like your change of attitude at the end. You never stay bugged for long- that's for sure.

Karie said...

LOL, I always wanted to have a nice decollatage, but can only get it by sucking my breath in. Ha, ha.

I want to see a picture of that cool school outfit with jammie bottoms and pirate hat.

The Ross Family said...

I hear you. Lola just started doing the same thing. I too am tired already. And yes that decollatage thing, not sure I have a good one there either. Kids look great by the way.

MarvelousMightyMommyMichele said...

I'm getting a nanny! haa haaa haa...I can dream.

Crazy OCDer said...

I love this post - I can just hear you telling this story in person. You crack me up and I second the vote for a picture of that hip school outfit. Only a mom as cool as you would be down with that! Love ya and miss ya! -Rebecca B (in case the Crazy Ocder didn't ring a bell)