Monday, December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas!

This week we spent a lot of our time organizing the ward Christmas activity, and we spent a lot of hours passing out flyers for it on the street and getting members to invite their friends and such. Also, we got the members/investigators together on a cold, windy, Wednesday night to carol in front of the giant Christmas tree. We organized for the news to come and film us so we could invite people to the Christmas program. This is our news bit of the members lighting the world even though it was super cold and last minute. I was a little nervous speaking:
Huddling by the heater afterwards:
Christmas activity had 180 people and only 40 or so were members! Most of them were neighborhood kids who showed up for the goodie bags at the end, but hey, we'll take it! There were 100 people at Church the next day, and the kids were disappointed they didn't get any food, but were looking to turn a lot of the ones that are interested in the Gospel into investigators this week. 
Also, I did an exchange with Elder Gardener this week, and got to witness his sweet reunion with one of the recent converts he baptized here over a year ago- Lindis. The Love they had for each other as brothers was touching, and I got to listen to Elder Gardener give Lindis a priesthood blessing. Lindis asked for a blessing that he can put off the natural man, and he is a great example to me of humility. Picture:
Christmas! We set up a lesson today in a mountain village with a cool lake, so that we can use the mission car to drive there (missionary purpose), and then hang out the rest of the day. We had a killer lesson, they are super nice, humble people, and then they drove with us to this lookout on the lake, even though we had just barely met them. They will resume work in Elbasan after the new year, and we will continue teaching them:
Also, Traditional Albanian Christmas eve lunch at Sister Brahas house:
We got to drive to Durras for the Stake Christmas activity on Saturday. It was great to see all the members gathered in one place. I remember 30 years of sacrifice and work of missionaries to bring everyone in that room unto the gospel:
To end, I'd like to share that I know that Christ lives, and he is the source of all of our joy in this life. Without Christ we have no hope for a better life, and no hope for life after death. Over 2000 years ago, he was sent to the earth to perform miracles, set a perfect example and die for our sins. He is the greatest gift we have ever been given, and we seek him, we will be healed and have peace. No gift we can ever give him can repay him for what hes done, but I hope we can remember what he did for us, and ponder what gifts we can give him this new year. 

Elder Tobler

Sunday, April 1, 2012

it's been awhile

And how I've missed you.

So what better way to usher in my newfound comittment to blogging (do ya like the new layout?) than to share a fabulous easter egg decorating tip: 

Wilton edible pearl dust. 

Add some to a little water, and paint on the eggs for a gorgeous irridescent look.  These are our best yet.  This pixie dust actually made me not dread coloring eggs this year.  It's the little things. Shimmery little things.

Friday, December 23, 2011

merry christmas

McWisecrack was in rare form.

McChuckles asking me how the heck he allowed himself to be suckered into this photoshoot.

That's right. Own it. 

{all photos by the lovely Allison Tyler Jones}

Thursday, December 22, 2011

girl turns 11

I worked for hours on this book from Paper Coterie.  Love the quality. 

And, as usual, thanks to cousin Delia for giving me the idea!

{Thank heavens it arrived just in time}.

{from Aunt Steph and Uncle Nathan}

gearing up...

It would be impossible for me to live one more Christmas without these Peppermint Cupcakes that Caroline and her pal Syd whipped up on the fly.  The recipe is as follows:  Make a yellow cake mix, add crushed up candy canes.  Bake as directed.
Frosting:  your basic buttercream with a candy cane simple syrup, a titch of red food coloring, and a drop (or two) of peppermint extract.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

The neighbors are already asking when they will receive their traditional gift of pure spun creamed honey that we shipped from Marc's family's Meyer Honey Farm in South Dakota.

It's silky sweet perfection in a tub.

Round two.

This year I let the girls help with their teachers' crayon wreaths.

  I'm glad I relinquished absolute control over this project because 1) it saved some serious time having their help, and 2) we had fun doing it together. 

I did the hanging ribbons, though...

Remember last year's wreath odyssey? Good golly.

And, of course, the annual Wright Dynasty Christmas Caroling Extravaganza.

Do these darling grandparents look amused, or ready to employ their tasers? 

you decide.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

pretend it's October

Monday, December 12, 2011

and we did especially give thanks for these folks:

{it was my Aunt Nancy H}