Friday, June 19, 2009

eleven things that tickle my fancy

caroline gave me a makeover. a new shag rug from Costco Home. powder room done. new tweed living room chair. a throw pillow in my favorite cool tone colors. a sunny window in my girls' bathroom (not something I would consider my style but I love this oval window).
one night away to the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale with M.
a Randall cousins reunion pool party here. firing up the hot tub for about 16 shivering Randall cousins. in our WAY below average weather [of only 93 degrees]. big girl pants on Charlotte.
my friend Becky H. having a girl. after having four boys.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new house

Home: [noun] 1. The place in which one's domestic affections are centered. 2. Any place of residence or refuge.

With my post-moving breakdowns hopefully behind me (I usually pencil them in on the calendar for about 10:30pm on Tuesdays), I have come up for air. Finally getting those last few boxes unpacked. Finally settling into a routine in my new fishbowl of a house. That I love. That has the greenest most tranquil backyard ever. That I want to stay in forever. And grow some deep roots for Marc and I and the kids. We were all a little surprised at how much we missed our Power Ranch people. But we're not letting go of those relationships. Can't get rid of the old Toblers. (Or Tobles, as we're now called in the new phone book).

This was our first local move (as opposed to trans-continental), yet we have still struggled to adjust a little. Better now. Still great having so much family nearby. Now we're even closer to everybody (yet not too close, if you know what I mean). We honestly could not have weathered this move without the indefatigable help of dear family and friends. THANK YOU. Really.

OH, and we grossly underestimated how much we dig having a pool. However, I'm having a hard time balancing the whole "be a cool mom and just get in a swim all day and enjoy your kids and live in a swimsuit" mom versus the "Frankly I look like a cross between a troll and a drowned rat upon exiting the pool and hate re-doing my hair/makeup over again if we have to go somewhere in the afternoons or nights" mom. If any moms with pools have any brilliant suggestions, I'm listening...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Still out of Commission

Blogging desire for today: LOW

Forecast for downloading photos desire: LOW

Forecast for finding camera to download photos: SLIM TO NONE